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Freelance consultant, learning facilitator, and writer, founder of extreme-inventing.com, ooleee.net (with artist Gary King), knowledgecafe0151. Teach technology entrepreneurship at School of Engineering at University of Liverpool, UK. I have a longstanding and avid interest in Technology as a unique human phenomenon. I'm actively engaged in research on how enterprising individuals shape material culture through inventing and innovating, with palaeoanthropologists at the Dept. of Archaeology, Egyptology and Classics, also at University of Liverpool.

Kids Hate Crust

Lot’s of kids dislike eating the crusts of bread, and they leave lovingly prepared sandwiches in tatters as they  try get to the delicious fillings. I remember our kids were great, they even liked the crusts. But when it came to parties, to avoid the mess and waste from our childrens’ more faddy friends, we had to cut the crusts off. This we did with a knife, cutting the square sandwiches into delicate triangles following the great British tradition of cucumber sandwich making. That is, until my wife got inventive, and used her traditional pastry cutters to cut out more interesting, and thus more appetising (?) sandwich shapes. Quite a few years later, I discovered that an American Mom had pinched my wife’s idea, and was making and selling a much more elaborate system for cutting crusts. Thus Mom Inventors was born.

Of course, my wife Cathy’s idea wasn’t stolen, and I bet she wasn’t the only one who had used a pastry cutter to cut sandwiches, but had we had the motivation, perhaps we could have started a little micro-business making and selling a range of fancy sandwich cutters. A lost opportunity? Without doubt.


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