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Freelance consultant, learning facilitator, and writer, founder of extreme-inventing.com, ooleee.net (with artist Gary King), knowledgecafe0151. Teach technology entrepreneurship at School of Engineering at University of Liverpool, UK. I have a longstanding and avid interest in Technology as a unique human phenomenon. I'm actively engaged in research on how enterprising individuals shape material culture through inventing and innovating, with palaeoanthropologists at the Dept. of Archaeology, Egyptology and Classics, also at University of Liverpool.

Christmassy Cheer

Pretty obvious extreme invention this, no need to go into detail. The problem? Sticky tape is a great invention many of us will use this Christmas, but we know the process of present wrapping is slowed down considerably by having to pick up the roll, find the end, cut a piece off, then put it down again. If the end of the tape is not kept loose, its lost again, and so on and so forth. The tape dispenser is a solution to losing the end of the tape, and also provides a convenient cutting edge. However, for the dispenser to work properly, it must either be securely fastened to a table or some other immovable object, or made so weighty it does not move when pulling off the next piece. In this instance, the stickiness of the tape is counterproductive. Capturing the heaviness of a massive chunk of metal is the extreme invention here. tape dispenser


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