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Extreme Creativity

As usual I’ve adopted an extreme (but very useful- I think) position on creativity and the myth of left-brain right brain thinking. Creativity I Prologue What prompted me to write something substantial and hopefully significant on creativity at this moment was reading an article in Scientific American (SA) that casts doubt on the legitimacy of […]

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Distinctions of properties

The last two postings feature the same thing, the capture of an action I called pinching. In both these cases the properties captured in the new system are elasticity,  and, I suggest, shape and a small amount of friction. The close proximity of the elastic teeth of the comb and the two sides of the […]

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In Extremis II

My first example of extreme inventing featured a ‘log wheel‘. This may not seem so extreme but its deviser does deserve the accolade ‘extreme inventor’. What functionality has been captured by using this found object (the trolley)? One its height, two its wheels, three its strength. Picture found at the

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