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Lean StartUp and Natural Enterprise

Just an alert to two new pages set up dedicated to Natural Enterprise. The one is about Natural Enterprise, the other about the connections I see between Natural Enterprise and the Lean StartUp movement. If you wish to know more about starting a new business through the Lean Start process, click the link opposite. Advertisements

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Extreme Regeneration

No. This is not a Dr Who story, but instead one of economic and community development. Extreme Inventing was devised as a myth buster. The myth? To invent, or be creative, one needs to be an extra ordinary individual. The truth is, we are all inventive, to invent is natural. In fact to be enterprising […]

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7UP? No— Light Up!

This is a perfect example of extreme inventing we were made aware of by Colin Dyas of Made in Liverpool Ltd. First we have a problem—darkness when lightness was needed—and then an extreme inventor recognised a property of a clear liquid to transmit light. Hey presto, the water bottle enabled solar light bulb was invented. […]

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